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From ‘Sundown Town’ to ‘Resolution’

In March 2015, the Common Council of the City of Goshen unanimously resolved to acknowledge the City’s history as a “sundown town.” In advocating for the resolution, Dan Shenk documented the history of sundown towns in Goshen and beyond in a PowerPoint presentation titled “Goshen, Indiana: From ‘Sundown Town’ in 20th Century to ‘Resolution’ in 21st Century.” The Community Resilience Guild invited Dan to present and record this presentation as part of the Wide Angle Films and Talks series. The presentation was followed by a conversation principally with Lee Roy Berry Jr., a local attorney and former political science professor who helped champion the passage of the resolution.

The Economy of Trust

Maple City Health Care Center is not just a medical center; it’s a peace and justice organization, engaged in community development, whose entry point to the neighborhoods it serves is through health care. Many of the relationships and transactions involved are built on an “economy of trust”, the focus of this conversation with Dr. James Nelson Gingerich.

Dick Lehman – Ten Essential Elements

In September, Wide Angle Films and Talks invited Amy Worsham and Dick Lehman to explore the intersections between Goshen’s past and present relationships to the arts and the challenges and opportunities before us. During the event, Dick Lehman shared what he calls the ten essential elements that helped shape the artist community in Goshen.

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For the past few months, most of the resources for the Goshen Guide have been focused on Wide Angle Films and Talks and on adding new functionality to the Guide. With these new additions, we’re excited to get back to promoting Goshen.Guide itself as a resource for discovering and exploring local information and connections.

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