Reports of Context and Place

Since moving to Goshen in 2011, I’ve read through many documents and archives to try and make sense of this place I now call home.  Of all the reports, papers, and plans that have helped me appreciate the broader context and perspectives in our community, the three below were particularly influential and helpful. The Goshen Guide is an effort to help make these nuggets of information more accessible so they can continue contributing to a richer understanding and awareness of place. Let us know what reports have influenced you so we can be sure to add them to the guide.

2004-2013 Goshen Comprehensive Plan and Community Vision

Orchestrated by the Community Sustainability Project in 2003, the report describes the formation of Goshen’s neighborhood associations and how broad community participation informed the plan’s objectives.

Relationship management as a downtown public relations strategy: A case study of downtown Goshen Indiana

Grace Bonewitz’s thesis explores how local visionaries and developers helped downtown Goshen “stay vibrant and continue to grow” from 2006 to 2011, despite the nationwide economic downturn.

Changing Demographics and Growing Diversity in the City of Goshen

This report sponsored by the Community Relations Commission of Goshen in 2007 examined the emerging range of perspectives and attitudes in Goshen with respect to rapidly increasing diversity. (Photo by Sam Householder, Goshen News)

About The Author

Phil Metzler

As the director of the Community Resilience Guild, Phil helps design and facilitate community initiatives that build relationships and navigate complexity. A passion for building community resilience and a reverence for life guide his work.

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