The Electric Brew at the Center of Goshen

That’s what I want to do the rest of our lives, is to create place that makes people smile.

The Electric Brew owner Myron Bontrager quoted in Flavor 574

The Electric Brew was founded by Brenda Hostetler-Kauffman in 1996 and purchased by pastor and downtown advocate Myron Bontrager in 2007. Myron moved The Brew from it’s main street location around the corner to its current and larger home on Washington Street.

Over time, The Electric Brew has become a centerpiece in the story of Goshen’s reemerging downtown and food scene. This snippet from a Good of Goshen Video shares the role that the Brew has played in helping shape our community. 

In recognition for it’s success and contribution to the community, in 2015 the Electric Brew was named Indiana’s 2015 Main Street Business of the Year. 

You can find WNDU’s write up about the award here.

Myron and Dana Bontrager, owners of The Electric Brew. 

Photo by David Leaman-Miller 

In an interview with Flavor 574, Myron attributes The Electric Brew’s success to relationships. He puts relationships at the center of everything that The Electric Brew does, and wants entering the Brew to feel like coming home. 

As those relationships evolve and as you maintain them it makes the business a lot better … It’s a much better cup of coffee when there’s a relationship tied to it.

Myron Bontrager quoted in Flavor 574

In 2015, The Electric Brew became the first business in Goshen to begin accepting The Common Good Card. Watch Myron explain why this project was something that The Electric Brew wanted to be part of.

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Originally from Denver, Colorado, David Leaman-Miller graduated from Goshen College in 2017 where he studied Film and Sustainability. He currently works as a Fellow for the Community Resilience Guild and is one of the primary developers of the Goshen Guide.

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