Rolling out the Guide

Rolling out the Guide
That funky URL address at the top of your browser should be the first clue that this is still a development site.  The experimental nature of some of the content and posts and limited or broken links might also give it way.  Please bear with us! This site is our first effort to bring the Guide into being, so we can figure out how to focus our energy in making it better.  As a prototype, we’re offering it up to the community for input and support as we fit the pieces together – feedback welcome! The (much clearer) official domain is Goshen.Guide.  As we refine the site and polish the content we’ll be reintroducing it in more thoughtfully composed features, centered around specific issues or focus areas; the work of particular organizations; complete collections of local content; etc.  We’ll be sharing new content as it emerges on our facebook page — the easiest way to follow both sites.
You can also join our email list for easy updates sharing stories from the community and the story of the Guide itself.  We have a great team of people inspired to apply their creativity and skills to helping Goshen see a bigger picture of itself through the Guide, and we’d welcome your participation!

About The Author

Phil Metzler

As the director of the Community Resilience Guild, Phil helps design and facilitate community initiatives that build relationships and navigate complexity. A passion for building community resilience and a reverence for life guide his work.

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The Goshen Guide is a developing product. Help us make it more complete by suggesting new content or offering feedback.

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