Creating the Flood Photo Map

Creating the Flood Photo Map

Just over a week ago, Goshen was hit with one of the largest floods in our history. Stories of the flood dominated media and public conversation for several days. Facebook was full photos, stories, and official government updates. Volunteer efforts sprang up to help those most directly affected by the rising waters. Now, only 10 days after the worst of the flooding, less and less is being posted about the floods.

The Goshen Flood Photo Map was created to help combat the short memory span of our current culture of information. For example, the other day I tried to find a Facebook video about the flooding on the north side of town that I had seen earlier. It took me twenty minutes of clicking through timelines to find the clip I was looking for, but that clip is now added to the map, where it is preserved and placed alongside other media to help paint the most complete picture of the flooding that we can.

If you have photos or videos to contribute to this mapping project, please contact us. This mapping project is a part of our effort to use the Goshen Guide to preserve the moment. Read more about that here.

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David Leaman-Miller

Originally from Denver, Colorado, David Leaman-Miller graduated from Goshen College in 2017 where he studied Film and Sustainability. He currently works as a Fellow for the Community Resilience Guild and is one of the primary developers of the Goshen Guide.

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