Community Relations Commission – Ed Ahlersmeyer

Ed Ahlersmeyer announces his resignation at the April 17 Council meeting. Photo by David Leaman-Miller
Stories happen.  Issues and events transpire that become part of the broader narratives about our community.  The rejection of the Core Civic Detention Center and February’s historic flooding are two examples from the past few months alone. Goshen.Guide seeks to recognize and promote our local journalists working to tell these stories.  Occasionally we offer stories here ourselves and provide a platform for community members to share their perspectives.  But mostly, we seek to archive and preserve stories and information here in order to help make the full emerging picture as visible and as accessible as possible.

Preserving the Moment

The Goshen Guide was envisioned and designed as a creative way to preserve and share information.
The current controversy surrounding Goshen’s Community Relations Commission and the actions of Councilman Ed Ahlersmeyer represent a dynamic story with the potential to have lasting impacts on opinions and attitudes and relations in our community.  In this case, we’re not looking to tell this story, but to provide a point of informational connection for anyone seeking to become as informed as possible and perhaps better understand the different perspectives and dynamics involved.  As the events play out, we will do our best to gather as much information as we can here to preserve it in a way that (hopefully) offers a reference point for understanding what has taken place.

CRC Engagement Pledge

“As our community experiences significant demographic, social, and economic changes it is important to name and claim basic principles that remind us who of we are and what we aspire to be so that all people can lead lives of dignity and peace.”

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Phil Metzler

As the director of the Community Resilience Guild, Phil helps design and facilitate community initiatives that build relationships and navigate complexity. A passion for building community resilience and a reverence for life guide his work.

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