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Illuminating key patterns and ideas central to the common good in Goshen has always been a goal of the Goshen Guide. Inspired by projects like Reliable Prosperity and the Lexicon of Sustainability, we’ve sought to thoughtfully curate local stories and information around the ideas they hold in common.

As local initiatives like the Good of Goshen and our Wide Angle Films and Talks series demonstrate, our community is blessed with an abundance of stories and activities that can help us see a richer picture of our context and culture. Through this Guide, our intention is to help make this information more accessible and empower people with a tool to make new connections around shared values and interests.

As a national model for building community health, Maple City Health Care Center has made the harvesting, preserving, and telling of stories an integral part of their work and culture. These stories help bring abstract patterns like “the primacy of relationships” and “imaginative vision” to life. They are exactly the kind of content we’re developing the Guide to help people discover and connect with.

The following concept map highlights specific ideas and stories relating to “The Economy of Trust” collection, curated for a Wide Angle Films and Talks conversation with Dr. James Nelson Gingerich. Clicking on any idea calls up excerpts from corresponding MCHCC information on the Guide and links to a listing of additional related content to explore. It’s a small step forward for us that we hope you enjoy.

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Phil Metzler

As the director of the Community Resilience Guild, Phil helps design and facilitate community initiatives that build relationships and navigate complexity. A passion for building community resilience and a reverence for life guide his work.

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