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Highlights from Merry Lea

Prior to the Wide Angle event, we had the opportunity to travel to Merry Lea where we spent a day capturing some of Luke’s reflections. Several of these videos were used during the presentation and can be found on this page, but there was so much more that couldn’t be included. To further explore the videos from Merry Lea, use this concept map or explore the Goshen Guide collection.

Introduction: the Context of Coming to Merry Lea

Duration – 14:41


“I’ve realized in these 22 years, that there’s a lot that’s happened that has been inspired by beauty. The beauty that I’ve seen as I’ve walked the trails – for example winter frost or spring flowers – all of these things bring an inspiration to my inner being and begin to change how I look at life.”

Landscapes and Ecology

Duration – 8:38


“The concept of ecological time is a really critical piece. And it’s quite counter to what we engage with in much of Western civilization where we like to see results now, and we want to see them happen fast, and we pour on energy to be able to get it there.”

Highlight from Merry Lea

Environmental Education

Duration – 6:44


“The model starts to show a bunch of different interconnections. You can see how environmental education intersects with a bunch of other activities that we were doing – how land management fits in, both for models of restoration but also supporting the undergraduate collegiate programs that were starting to develop.”

Highlight from Merry Lea

Sustainable Buildings

Duration – 8:53


“At the end of 2007, we received the Platinum rating from the US Green Building Council. This itself became a really major message point – we built it so students could live there and learn from that setting – but it also became a teaching tool.”

Highlight from Merry lea

Intersection of Faith

Duration – 7:08


“I also think about this idea that comes from the confession of faith that ‘as stewards of God’s earth we are called to care for the earth and bring rest and renewal to the land and everything that lives on it ‘“

Personal Integration

Duration – 6:33


“Last month I bought another half acre and have replicated it. Last night I was out there working and planting another orchard with the same concept in mind – as a personal application to my commitment to care for the Earth.”

Highlight from Luke’s Home

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About The Author

David Leaman-Miller

Originally from Denver, Colorado, David Leaman-Miller graduated from Goshen College in 2017 where he studied Film and Sustainability. He currently works as a Fellow for the Community Resilience Guild and is one of the primary developers of the Goshen Guide.

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