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How the Filters Work

By default, this page displays every Content, Secondary content, Excerpt, Post, and Collection in the Goshen Guide Archive. Use the filters to narrow the results. A list of active filters displays across the top of the results. The filters can be refreshed with the “Reset All Filters” button.

The Terms Filter narrows the results when multiple are selected. This means that if you select “Community” and “History,” only content tagged with both terms will appear in the results.

All other filters widen the search result. This means that if you select “Video” and “Report” both videos and reports will appear in the results.

Using the Filters

Distinct sets of filters are divided into separate ‘containers’ to avoid confusion. Each group of filters only affects that “type of content.”


Universal Filters

These filters apply to all the different parts of the Goshen Guide Archive.

  • Search: A generic search field that is the same as the quick search bar at the top of the webpage.
  • Filter Results by Type: This is the fundamental distinction between different parts of the Goshen Guide Archive.
    • Content is the main component of the Goshen Guide Archive. Content is a holding space for “Groups,” “Activities,” Information,” “Places,” and “Media” we deem central to Goshen.
    • Excerpts allow us to highlight specific sections of Content in the Goshen Guide Archive and tag those sections with specific terms.
    • Secondary Content are articles and groups that we feel are important to catalogue but aren’t as central to the Goshen Guide Archive. Sometimes this is because the content isn’t specific to Goshen, and sometimes it how we catalogue multiple articles that all have to do with the same primary Content. For example, many of the articles that came out about the Core Civic debate are catalogued as Secondary Content.
    • Posts are original articles written in the Goshen Guide Magazine. They are often attempts to curate and weave together much of the other pieces of the Goshen Guide Archive.
    • Collections are curated sets of Content, Excerpts, and Secondary Content from the Goshen Guide Archive. If you are interested in a specific issue, check to see if there is already a collection created for it.
  • Terms: Terms are one of the primary ways that we curate the archive. While our terms are divided into “Themes,” “topics,” and “keywords,” this dropdown displays all of them together. Use the search box to look for a specific term.


Additional “Content,” “Excerpt,” and “Secondary Content” containers

These containers can be toggled open by clicking on them. Inside are filters that only relate to that type of content. The advantage of using these filters is that they allow your search to be much specific and customizable, but be aware that selecting any option will filter out all of the results that aren’t connected to that type of content. For example, selecting any Information Type from within the Additional Content container will automatically filter out every Excerpt, Post, Collection, and Secondary Content. 

Universal Filters

Filter Results by Type

Filter Results by Year

Additional "Content" Filters

Additional "Excerpt" Filters

Additional "Secondary Content" Filters


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