Author: Anna Shetler

Life in The Maple City: Looking Forward

Now that we know about the scientific data and history surrounding the trees of Goshen, it’s time to look at what we can do to help our urban forest thrive. With the tools of the Guide, we can read about so many different aspects of the urban forest, but we need to also take the time to put that knowledge into practice. In the Guide, articles from various news outlets are archived. The Good of Goshen and the Goshen News are just two of the sources that information is gathered from. The Guide emphasizes that the data from these...

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Life in The Maple City: A Historical Lens on Our Budding Forest

Wait, could this actually be spring? Well it’s 60 degrees, I’ve whipped out the Tevas, and I’m sitting outside to write this – so at least for today, I’m calling it spring in Goshen. Every spring I’m amazed how happy the sun’s warmth can make me feel. The trees are still as bare as the winter but scilla and squirrels are popping up, giving some color and life to the land. Birds are chirping, drivers have their windows down, and students are sprawled out on the campus lawn. It’s a good time to be in Goshen. After last week’s...

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Life in The Maple City: Benefits of an Urban Forest

Welcome to the first installment of “Life in The Maple City!” Today I hope to give a brief overview of what the Goshen Guide has to offer us, and also dive into the perks that come along with an urban forest. If you’ve never explored the Goshen Guide, I really urge you to! Go ahead, just start clicking around and see what you find. If I’ve still got your interest here, I can give you a simplified explanation of what it’s all about…. The Goshen Guide functions as an interactive archive for all things Goshen; and in that way, it’s sort of our local wikipedia. (Find out more in the About tab above.) Navigating through the Goshen Guide may seem daunting at first, but the “themes” and “related topics” at the end of each page can help you sort it out pretty quick. Or, by using the search tool, you can easily discover content important to you. After searching for “trees,” I located the 2011 Tree Inventory and found in 2011, Goshen’s public lands boasted over 22% canopy cover and 12,000 trees! According to Aaron our city forester, that number has grown to over 13,000 in the past seven years with the help of middle school classes, 4-H groups, college students, local businesses, and numerous other individuals. The Inventory also reports that our trees save the city over $1,000,000 every...

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Life In The Maple City: A Tree City U.S.A.

Hello, fellow Goshenites! I’m excited to share that April is going to be a month for celebrating trees. Each week, I will highlight an aspect of our trees that helps make our city “The Maple City.” Thanks to our urban forest, Goshen has been named a Tree City U.S.A. by the National Arbor Foundation for over two decades. Follow along with my posts to learn more about the magnificent plants around us and explore some ways the Goshen Guide can be used. All of this will be done in anticipation of Arbor Day on April 27th. In preparation for...

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