Author: David Leaman-Miller

Dick Lehman – Ten Essential Elements

In September, Wide Angle Films and Talks invited Amy Worsham and Dick Lehman to explore the intersections between Goshen’s past and present relationships to the arts and the challenges and opportunities before us. During the event, Dick Lehman shared what he calls the ten essential elements that helped shape the artist community in Goshen.

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Deep Dive

On June 14, 2018, the Community Resilience Guild hosted a screening of Deep Dive: A Midwestern Legacy in the Florida Keys. Made by Goshen College students, the film tells the story of Goshen’s Marine Biology Program as well has the unique relationship between Goshen College and the town of Layton, Florida. After the screening, Resilience Guild Fellow David Leaman-Miller hosted a panel discussion with filmmakers and faculty.

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Creating the Flood Photo Map

The Goshen Flood Photo Map was created to help combat the short memory span of our current culture of information. For example, the other day I tried to find a Facebook video about the flooding on the north side of town that I had seen earlier. It took me twenty minutes of clicking through timelines to find the clip I was looking for.

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Seeing the Connections with Kumu Maps

One of the goals for the Goshen Guide is to show how interconnected and interdepent our community is. In an effort to help visualize those relationships, we recently added Kumu maps to our home page as well as to the individual pages for each group, activity, and piece of content present in the Goshen Guide.

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