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Deep Dive

On June 14, 2018, the Community Resilience Guild hosted a screening of Deep Dive: A Midwestern Legacy in the Florida Keys. Made by Goshen College students, the film tells the story of Goshen’s Marine Biology Program as well has the unique relationship between Goshen College and the town of Layton, Florida. After the screening, Resilience Guild Fellow David Leaman-Miller hosted a panel discussion with filmmakers and faculty.

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Remarks to Council on a history of racism in Goshen

The Goshen Common Council meeting this evening (May 15, 2018) marks one month since Ed Ahlersmeyer’s resignation from the Community Relations Commission and the Council. The resignation took many by surprise who were prepared to advocate for some form of resolution or appropriate response to Ahlersmeyer’s reading of a racially charged article at a CRC meeting and subsequent actions in the community.

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New Americans in the Michiana Region

Immigrants contributed $3.1 billion to the Michiana region’s GDP in 2016. Foreign-born households earned $1.2 billion in income in 2016. Of that, $212.8 million went to federal taxes and $103 million went to state and local taxes, leaving them with $880.3 million in spending power—6.9 percent of all spending power in the region.

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Community Relations Commission – Ed Ahlersmeyer

The current controversy surrounding Goshen’s Community Relations Commission and the actions of Councilman Ed Ahlersmeyer represent a dynamic story with the potential to have lasting impacts on opinions and attitudes and relations in our community.  In this case, we’re not looking to tell this story, but to provide a point of informational connection for anyone seeking to become as informed as possible and perhaps better understand the different perspectives and dynamics involved.

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Creating the Flood Photo Map

The Goshen Flood Photo Map was created to help combat the short memory span of our current culture of information. For example, the other day I tried to find a Facebook video about the flooding on the north side of town that I had seen earlier. It took me twenty minutes of clicking through timelines to find the clip I was looking for.

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Reports of Context and Place

Since moving to Goshen in 2011, I’ve read through many documents and archives to try and make sense of this place I now call home.  Of all the reports, papers, and plans that have helped me appreciate the broader context and perspectives in our community, the three below were particularly influential and helpful.

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FarmLab Needs Assessment

The FarmLab project began with Elkhart County Commissioner Mike Yoder’s vision for transitioning Crystal Valley Dairy Farms into a farm-based educational center dedicated to preserving local agricultural land and capacity.

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Preserving the Truth

One of the driving motivations for creating the Goshen Guide has been to catalog and curate existing information to make it more accessible for future inquiry and research. With the proposed ICE detention center bringing immigration law enforcement into the spotlight and threatening further polarization, my hope is that the Guide can be a community resource by gathering relevant current information into one place.

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The Story of Kauffman Park

The story of the Allan J. Kauffman Park weaves together many common themes from Goshen’s history and current revitalization. It addresses the environmental legacy of more than a century of varied industries in one property, and the coming together of a neighborhood to advocate for a better environment and quality of life.

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