Ecological Leadership

This June, Luke Gascho will complete 22 years serving as Executive Director of Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center of Goshen College, in Wolf Lake, Indiana. Building on a legacy of conservation and education rooted in the vision of founders Mary Jane and Lee Rieth, Gascho helped Merry Lea continue holding a vital space for environmental and theological inquiry, inviting learners young and old to “re-create” and explore the beauty and complexity of nature.

In April, 2019, we visited Luke at Merry Lea and at his home to gather video footage to share at a Wide Angle Films and Talks event on May 9. We invited Luke to reflect on how core virtues of leadership helped guide emerging awareness and understanding of sustainability and systems thinking in education. Our goal was to highlight specific programs and practices that have emerged out of Luke’s work at Merry Lea — to present at the event and to be woven together in an extended interactive format. This page will share these outputs as they emerge, leading up to and following the event.

Video Map

Edited Videos

Longer Un-Edited Videos

Extra Bite-Sized Snippets

Clips from the WAFT Event

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