The purpose of this page is to collect and highlight information and activities relevant to the history of the Goshen Millrace ahead of the 150th anniversary of its construction, to be commemorated in October, 2018. The Goshen Historical Society is leading efforts to share intriguing photos, documents, and stories about the ‘hydraulic canal’ through various presentations and events. Much of this information can be explored below, along with recordings of key events.

One of the primary Sesquicentennial activities will be walking tours of the Millrace in October led by Ron Hoke, current President of the Goshen Historical Society. This Goshen Millrace Walking Tour video, produced by the CRG for the Society serves to highlight some of the landmarks along the way. The video was first screened along with a panel discussion at the “Millrace ReflectionsWide Angle Films and Talks event presented below. The following interactive map features the locations and photos referenced in the video.

“Millrace Reflections” Event

“Millrace Reflections”

Wide-Angle Films and Talks event featuring:

Ron Hoke – Goshen Historical Society

Aaron Sawatsky Kingsley and Roger Taylor – Goshen Parks and Recreation


Millrace Interactive Map

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