Solar Energy Information

Solar Energy Information

The City of Goshen has made it easier, faster and cheaper for residents, businesses and others to go solar.

Find everything you need to get started on the City’s “Going Solar in Goshen” page.

Find additional stories, information, and initiatives in the archive below.

Additional Supporting Information for the Wide Angle Films and Talks Event:

Local Solar Potential

It might come as a surprise, but Goshen and the surrounding region have become a hotbed of solar activity, with more solar capacity per capita than cities like San Antonia, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. Since 2016, Goshen has achieved SolSmart Gold status as a solar-friendly city and added about 100 new solar arrays at local businesses, churches, homes, schools, and even on city land — many through last year’s Solarize Goshen initiative. Large industry and small off-grid Amish installations have also helped put our region on the solar map in a unique way. These investments will continue to generate power and income for decades to come.

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