WAFT – Goshen’s Urban Forest

This kickoff Wide Angle Films and Talks event will feature local writer, educator, storyteller, and city forester Aaron Sawatsky Kingsley. We’ll explore different aspects of Goshen’s identity as the Maple City through a variety of videos, information, and conversation.

We hope to help attendees see a bigger picture of their community through different perspectives — from the “macro” level of stewardship and climate resilience; to the “micro” level of a landmark tree; to the challenge of crafting stories that balance these dimensions. The event will draw from relevant content in the Goshen Guide to highlight Aaron’s work in the community, but new stories and connections will surely emerge through interactive discussion.

Video Highlights

Browse any of the maps below to explore connections to content in the Guide and other information referenced in the event.

Wide Angle Films and Talks

A new venture of the Community Resilience Guild, this bi-weekly programming hosted at Art House will focus on helping Goshen see a bigger picture of itself and the wider world through interactive and introspective mixed-media experiences. Ranging from feature-length documentaries to panel discussions, interviews, and presentations, these events will provide opportunities to dive deeper into current issues and events. We hope topics will challenge conventional thinking, provoke reflection and conversation, and inspire creativity and collaboration.

Question for the event?

Is there a specific topic or question from the map that you’d like to see addressed at the event. Your input will help make it more dynamic and engaging for all!

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