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Inside Downtown Goshen’s Emerging Renaissance

Walking along Main Street in downtown Goshen, you will notice the beautifully restored century-old buildings, attractive outdoor seating, and a variety of shops bubbling with activity.

Downtown Goshen has not always looked like this, but one family’s love for antiques and restoration put the downtown on the road to a renaissance.

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Commission makes U-turn on Main Street project

In a last-minute Hail Mary by Goshen Mayor Jeremy Stutsman, plans for a long-discussed redesign of Goshen’s Main Street were salvaged late Tuesday afternoon after Goshen Redevelopment Commission members initially withheld their support for the project.

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Efforts for a public hospital in Goshen

In the early 1900s the need for a real public hospital became the talk of the town. There were public meetings held in places such as the Jefferson theater and people spoke of the hospital movement happening throughout U.S. cities.

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Carnegie Library History

Though social (private) libraries had existed in the United States since colonial times, the movement for widespread “free” public libraries — open to the public at no charge–began during the 1850’s. Social reformers believed free libraries were marks of ‘civilization’ and would provide tools to help citizens in the rapidly industrializing nation move ahead in life. One prime example was industrialist Andrew Carnegie.

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Lincoln Highway History

In 1912, Indiana native, Carl Fisher laid out a plan that would change transportation in the United States; a road 3,389 miles in length to travel from New York City to San Francisco. The road was named to honor the 16th president Abraham Lincoln but it would also be known as America’s Main Street.

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Kunderd Farms History

Thousands of colorful gladiolus used to line fields alongside what is now U.S. 33. These fields were tended by Amos E. Kunderd, a horticulturist, who used the land as a breeding ground for specialized hybrids and to create a mosaic of beauty in the city of Goshen. Natural Gardening Magazine issue in 1919 described the view as colors that “not even the rainbow could rival” and “fairy land like.”

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Pumpkinvine Nature Trail History

The Pumpkinvine Nature Trail now running through the Indiana towns of Goshen, Middlebury, and Shipshewana was, for most of its existence, a railroad line. The “Pumpkin Vine Railroad”—as the line was nicknamed due to its many twists and turns—was built by the Canada & St. Lewis Railway rail company in the 1880s.

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Old Bag Factory/Inter-Urban Trolley Stop History

For the first 2 decades of its existence—beginning with its construction in the 1890s—the building that is now the Old Bag Factory served as a manufacturing plant for the Midwestern businessman J.J. Burns’ Cosmo Buttermilk Soap Company.

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