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Our Water Resources in the Era of Climate Change

Matt Meersman spoke about the value of our water resources in the context of a changing climate. As residents of the Great Lakes watershed, we have access to one of the most abundant fresh-water resources in the world. Responsibility for and stewardship of this resource are likely to be increasingly important issues for the people of our region.

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The Urban Forest and Climate Change

Carrie Tauscher spoke about the social, economic and ecological roles that urban trees play in helping communities prepare for and adapt to the impacts of climate change. Trees are among the cheapest and most effective “infrastructure” for climate change mitigation, especially in urban settings.

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Admit One: The History of the Goshen Theater

As classic turn-of-the-century movie houses are decaying and being torn down one town in rural northern Indiana is trying to save theirs. The Goshen Theater has seen multiple fires and still stood the test of time. Now its a race to save this cornerstone of the community and return it to its former glory. “Admit One” is the story of the history of this classic theater and of the people who are trying to revive it.

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